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Integrity - a new direction in healthcare and assisted living

It's Time …

A New Direction in HealthCare

maintain management and staff at your assisted living facility

Integrity Senior Properties Investments, LLC.

More than a name, a new direction in HealthCare

In today’s world of big, competitive HealthCare corporations, Integrity Partners benefit from the strengths of banding together.  We see the value in small to mid-size facilities, the pioneers and foundation of the HealthCare industry.  We provide a unique model for owners to become a Partner, with the option of staying involved with your facility to the degree you desire.  Every partner is a minority senior facility investment partner in Integrity.  We have no venture capital or private equity firms to choose our managerial direction.  We are Board of Director managed, with all board members prior owner/operators. 

Many of our Partners were not quite ready to fully retire and desired to still be involved with the management of their contributed facility.  With assistance of our management, these Partners used their own management companies and continue to run their contributed facility.  However, they now had access to Integrity’s  centralized resources regarding 1) administrative challenges (like payroll, workman’s compensation, accounting/tax, and asset management), 2) clinical challenges regarding higher resident acuity levels and regulatory challenges, and 3) physical plant needs including renovation and construction.  These partners can then choose to retire when they feel the timing is best for them.

Other Partners want to retire immediately and not be involved with the management of their contributed properties.  For these properties we have our internal management company, who runs our facilities where our Partners do not want to be involved with the daily operations of their contributed facilities.

The program we have developed is unique and has been very attractive to longstanding, successful facility operators who are ready to begin cashing in on their successful business and begin moving closer to retirement.  Below are some of the benefits of becoming an Integrity Partner:

  • You receive the full appraised value of your business, in a combination of cash and fully voting ownerships investment units in Integrity Senior Properties Investments, LLC.

  • These investment units can be sold or transferred by the Integrity Partner.

  • The existing management of the facility can continue to be involved with running their facility for a management fee paid by Integrity.  What this looks like depends on each contributing partner’s circumstance. It may involve hiring new staff under the contributing partners management or all management stays the way it is currently.  This timeline can be a period of months or years  depending on the desires of the contributing partner and their personal plans for retirement.

  • Integrity’s internal management company becomes backup support for the contributing partner.

  • Minimal change would be felt by your existing operations regarding what is most important, caring for residents and interfacing with the local community.  Integrity, because of our infrastructure can provide economies of scale, not available to an operator with only a few facilities.

  • Access to professional expertise, working capital, and capital for renovations are available to all Integrity facilities.  

  • Integrity’s focus is the Southeastern United States with current facilities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.

  • Integrity, a new direction for HealthCare in a rapidly changing world.


Learn more about how Integrity's unique model works here

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A Unique New Direction in HealthCare

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