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A New Direction in HealthCare

Integrity Senior Properties Investments, LLC.

​In today's world of big, competitive HealthCare corporations, Integrity Partners benefit from the strengths of banding together.  We see the value in small to mid-size facilities, the pioneers and foundation of the HealthCare industry. We provide a unique model for owners to become a Partner, ensure their survival in a rapidly changing consolidating market and maximize their cash value. See some of the benefits below:

  • You receive the full appraised value of your facility.

  • Average closing is within 120 days.

  • Continuity of management and staff may be maintained.

  • You may continue to manage your facility if you so choose.

  • Minimal changes to your operation. We utilize centralized
    accounting and payroll.

  • Integrity's initial focus is in the Southeastern United States.

  • Real people... real resources.


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A Unique New Direction in HealthCare

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