Organization Summary

Integrity means a Diversified Investment

Board of Director Managed is the Key

Integrity Senior Properties Investments, LLC is a Florida register LLC.

Integrity is a “Board of Director Managed” with a large board of experienced business managers, most who have contributed their properties into Integrity.  Being “Board Managed” is a significant strength of Integrity, because there is no one person who has controlling interest in Integrity’s ownership.  Every Partner is a minority owner of Integrity, there is no private equity firm that is controlling this business. We get the benefits of diversified risk and we together, control how we move forward.  

Decisions are made considering what is best for the total company, not any one individual partner. Our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Officers of the Company take our fiduciary duty to the partners very, very seriously.  Also, our board was basically in the same position as owner/operators who are considering joining Integrity.  We used to be owner/operators and now, together, we run Integrity.  

Managerial transparency and fiduciary duty are the two key components of Integrity management.  The Board of Directors will not compromise on either of these two key points.

Integrity is organized as follows.  The Operating Agreement is Integrity’s set of rules and regulations for operating our company.  Total transparency of management decisions is a key.  All the Partners of Integrity elect a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors then elect 1) a Chairman of the Board; 2) a three-person Executive Committee; and 3) the officers of the company.  Because we have a large Board of Directors, the Executive Committee works regularly and directly with the officers of the company. An annual meeting of the Partners review the direction of the company and elect the Board of Directors.

To our company, Integrity is more than just a name.  

Integrity to us means: “unwavering adherence to legal, moral, and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; absence of conflict of interest; transparency with honesty to avoid misunderstandings.”

Because every partner of Integrity is a minority partner, all partners need to feel comfortable that decisions are being made in the best interest of the total company. Fiduciary responsibility of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Officers of the company is just a starting point of Integrity. 

As well as owning properties, Integrity established a Facility Management Division late in 2017, which currently manages eight licensed facilities and provides clinical, accounting, legal, and administrative support to our Partners upon request.


Integrity’s current portfolio of 19 licensed facilities are located in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Maryland and Tennessee.  While our focus will be on the Southeastern United States, due to the desirability of this area for retirement and the substantial numbers of individuals moving southward to retire, we will consider other facilities, as long as they are in States litigiously friendly to healthcare, and the size of the acquisition fits into our model.