Organization Summary

Integrity Senior Properties Investments, LLC is a Florida registered LLC.  Upon reaching our size target, and when it is judged the Market is ‘right’, this may be converted to Integrity HealthCare REIT, incorporating a REIT structure in either Maryland or Delaware, as advised by our attorneys of record.  Jonathan Short is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), responsible for financial oversite of Integrity and for vetting and underwriting selected facilities, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table; and Keith MacLean is our CIO (Chief Investment Officer), responsible for assembling and continuing the flow of facilities into Integrity’s portfolio.  Chris Damiani, President, Chairman of the Board, and our Chief Executive Officer, brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare management field to our team and has extensive ‘hands-on’ operational experience thru working with his own management company, Senior Health Services, LLC.  Further, (Top), as he is respectively called, retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant, after 24 years.  

Integrity established a Facility Management Division late in 2017, which currently manages eight licensed facilities and provides field support to our Partners upon request. 

Integrity’s current portfolio of 19 licensed facilities are located in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Maryland and Tennessee. Our recent refinance included the addition of four licensed facilities in Baltimore. This summer, we are closing three additional facilities in Alabama, giving Integrity a footprint in six states. While our focus will be on the Southeastern United States, due to the desirability of this area for retirement and the substantial numbers of individuals moving southward to retire, we will consider other facilities, as long as they are in States litigiously friendly to healthcare, and the size of the acquisition fits into our model.  Integrity is headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida.

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