Integrity currently owns primarily Assisted Living Facilities.  Moving forward, we will consider the acquisition of Skilled Nursing Facilities on a select basis. Continuing Care Residential Centers, CCRCs (inclusive operations consisting of ALF/SNF/IL/MC, and normally a small white church with a cemetery), Independent Living Centers, and Memory Care facilities will be included in our growth.

Service Description

  • Independent Living will initially be a very small part of our portfolio.  This centers on those individuals capable of totally caring for themselves, including driving.  

  • Memory Care involves the more intensive care involved with those with fading mental capacities.

  • Assisted Living is focused on those needing a degree of assistance with their daily activities, from transportation to dining.

  • Skilled Nursing involves a substantially higher level of medical care, with Registered Nurses and Doctors on staff, and/or immediately available. These facilities are not currently on our acquisition list.

Future Services/Additions

Many of Integrity’s facilities include ‘excess acreage’.  As facilities’ occupancies reach high levels, expansions can be quickly built as space allows.


Strategy and Implementation Summary

The closing on our most recent facilities solidified our decision to consolidate our facility accounting with BDO, out of Jacksonville, Florida. Further, we have consolidated our Payroll, Workmans Compensation and Human Relations with Engage. The extensive network of healthcare friendships and relationships now in place through our Partners will be visited and worked, spreading the advantages and benefits of being a part of Integrity. A solid banking relationship, and equity Partner relationships, will obviously enhance the smoothness and speed which we can assemble facilities, and reach our goal of $150M - $200M.