Our Business Plan

Executive Summary

Assemble a group of HealthCare facilities under the umbrella of an LLC, wholly owned by the Partners who contribute the facilities.  Grows Integrity, consolidating accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and management to form a solid foundation. When possible, maintain continuity of management staffs, with Partners, when facilities are acquired, and focus initially on those older ‘brick and mortar’ Assisted Living Facilities that are the ‘core’ of healthcare in their respective rural and urban communities. These normally enjoy solid local relationships, and are strongly cash-flowing and profitable. Maintain a balanced portfolio of 80% ALF; 10% SNF; and 10% CCRC, with a carefully balanced blend of 30% Medicaid, 70% private pay.   Integrity is 98% owned by its’ Partners with 2% owned by an original member.

A New Direction in Healthcare
  •  Integrity Partners participate.  98% of Integrity is directly owned by the participating Partners.

  • Work with a full appraised value on each facility. 

  • Maintain existing relationships and organizational continuity with Partners/Operators and their respective staffs through structured Management Agreements.

  • Provides additional attractive tax deferral options to Partners.

  • Have the funding Integrity requires for acquisitions.

  • Provide full in-house support to management.

  • Provide centralized accounting and payroll.

What makes Integrity Unique
  1. Our business model includes acquiring facilities through contribution and Capital Gains deferral benefits to the Contributor.

  2.  We focus on the core of HealthCare in their respective communities with established strong cash flow and local relationships. This including older brick and mortar facilities.

  3. Integrity is assembling a group of HealthCare facilities under the umbrella of an LLC, 98% owned by the Partners who contributed their facilities.

  4. We wish to maintain the continuity of your management and staff when contributed. You may continue to manage the facility, if you so choose, under management contract. 

In Summary …
  • Integrity continues to acquire Healthcare facilities in the southeast on a continuing basis.

  • We will continue bringing in like minded Partners to maximize their asset returns.

  • Integrity works closely with Bank Leumi and United Community Bank (UCB).

  • Integrity has extensive management and operating experience in our executive staff. As we continue to grow, our new Partners will add many additional years to that experience.