Our Mission

Make participation in Integrity attractive to both current Partners, and new Partners, by:

  • Working with full appraised value on each facility, structuring Contribution transactions that are very Tax Beneficial.  These are NOT Sales transactions.

  • Maintaining existing relationships and organizational continuity with Partners/Operators and their respective staffs through structured Management Agreements.  Provide management support and assistance as needed by Integrity’s in-house staff.

  • Provide tax deferral options to Partners that could allow each to defer tax obligations for as long as they wish, including accepting Operating Partnership shares instead of stock shares (may be redeemed for stock at any time), and even receiving dividend income on these, still will not trigger a taxable event from the earlier contribution.

  • Provide full in-house support to management when they encounter issues/problems.

  • Centralizing accounting.

  • Centralized payroll.

  • Providing ‘strength through numbers/size’ benefits as Integrity grows to all our Partners.